Sunday, 13 January 2013



·       Map of Africa,

·       Map of Nigeria from

·       Map of Southern Nigerian ancient and modern.

·       Postcards from Nigeria,

·       Museum educational packs e.g. The British Museum

·       Channel 4 history series pack

·       Internet search engines.

·       Oral Bini stories

·       Videos of current Bini tradition practices

·       Photographs of Oba of Benin regalia

·       Range of reference books on ancient Benin

·       Range of reference books on ancient African empires

·       Materials for Bini arts and crafts

·       Benin: pictures from an African Kingdom - Channel Four

·       Oral sources

·Kingdom of Benin Blogs


Web links:


Educational visits:

·       The British Museum

·       Horniman Museum

·     Museums across the world with collection of Benin Bronzes

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